Latest images from the LOGISTICS LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2018 and also Images from the LOGISTICS LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017

which took place at the St Johns Hotel, Warwick road, Solihull on Friday 24th November 2017.

The evening's event was hosted by Peter Acton who is the Chairman of the Logistics Leaders Network.

The guest speaker for the evening was Professor Alan Waller OBE.

Congratulations to all of the award winners which included Eddie Stobart, Sam Fagan of Fagan & Whalley, and John Harvey CBE who received a Lifetime Achievement Award and others.

Testimonial - Photography at an Awards Dinner is a very important aspect of the whole event going well or being a superb evening.

Well we had a superb evening at the inaugural Logistics Leadership Awards Dinner at the St John’s Hotel on 24 November 2017. Darren attended a pre-meeting earlier in the week at the hotel.

He understood fully what was expected, identified all the elements of the event and was very efficient on the night. He even took some specific photos on the night from guests outside of his brief and the gallery was up by Tuesday morning.  

All in all a top job. Will definitely book him again for next year. - Peter Acton - LOGISTICS LEADERS NETWORK http://www.logistics-leaders.co.uk

LOGISTICS LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2018 - Scroll down for 2017 images

The Logistics Leadership Awards 2017

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