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Personal Brand Photography


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Your brand is the personality of your business.

Imagine your business as a person.

Think of the characteristics that make up the personality of your business.

What’s the name of your business?

How does it dress? (The Colours, design, Logo etc)

How does it communicate? (What message is it conveying ? How is it perceived ?)

What are its core values and what does it stand for? (What can clients expect from You and your products or services ?)

Who does it associate with? (Who is your target market ? Both Harrods and Poundland are shops but they cater to very different people)


Having an online presence has never been more important and having high quality professional photos that show you and your business in their best light on all of your social media platforms is vital.

A Personal Brand Photoshoot takes place on a single day (Multiple locations & Outfit changes if required) and provides you with around 3 months worth of Professional Quality images ( 90 ),

giving you a steady stream of images that you can dip into on a daily basis.

You choose the relevant image for that day. Write your caption and then post on Social Media or Linkedin.

This will free up your time allowing you to do the things that you want to do.

You will receive the High Resolution images and I will also provide each image in a number of sizes depending on the Social Media that you use and all of the images will be for Commercial use.

Each photoshoot is preceded by filling in a simple online Questionnaire about you and your business, followed by a planning session where we discuss your business and what

you want to achieve going forward.

Your Photoshoot will be customised to perfectly reflect your brand and your story.

You will then make the final decision as to the stories you want to tell your audience about over the next 3 months i.e. The day to day running of your business, Your creative process,

What you do in your 'Down Time' etc and we'll plan how all of this can be expressed in Your Photos.

There are many businesses out there that offer the same or similar products and services but what is going to separate your business from everyone else's is You and Your Story.

No-one else can be You and no-one else has your story.

You're not trying to tell your whole life story in one set of images but you want to Introduce yourself and then slowly unfold the details of your story over a period of time.

Just as the Story in a book is unfolded over time through a series of chapters and verses. Your visual story can be used in a variety of ways i.e. Your website, Social media posts,

banners etc, emails, Newsletters, printed media i.e. newspaper articles and magazines.

Having Professional Quality images means that you'll be more likely to get noticed and stand out from your competitors.

They will Capture and hold the attention of both your present and potential clients for much longer.

They will Keep both your present and potential clients engaged, in order for you to develop long term relationships with them.

They will create a great first impression and will motivate your potential clients to want to know more about you and your personal brand.

Your present and potential clients will feel more of a connection with you.

This will all lead to greater sales and ultimately a successful business.


Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers


Each Photoshoot includes up to 4 hours of time, Multiple locations and Multiple clothing changes. All photos are for Commercial use. Each photo is Professionally Retouched.

3 months worth of Photos (90) is £750

2 months worth of Photos (60) is £599

I months worth of Photos (30) is £499

If you require more than 90 images, I will customise a package to meet your needs.

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